Run the Course : the Recovery of Jason Wichman
Jason Wichman

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photo of Jason Wichman at the finish line Iron Dog Race 2009
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Run the Course : the Recovery of Jason Wichman

Run the Course : the Recovery of Jason Wichman

Condolences for Our Family

by Lisa Cox on 12/04/14

It is my with my deepest sympathy and sadness to report the death of my brother Jason Wichman.  We continue to thank all of you for your prayers and support. 
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Lisa Cox

Urgent Prayer Needs for Surgery

by Lisa Cox on 10/28/13

Please pray for my family and my brother Jason Wichman.  Jason has been coming around since the 'tremors' he experienced over a week ago.  It was an isolated incident that subsided after the administration of fluids (low hydration levels and electrolytes) and antibiotics (for a mild UTI).  Over the last week or so, they have done tons of testing on him to see if there was any reason for the 'seizure' like episode.  Nothing has been indicative of a neurological cause.  Thank the Lord, I hope it was an isolated incident.
What they did find, was some increase of the CSF, Cerebrospinal Fluid, in his ventricles.  There are 4 ventricles in the brain that basically are there to protect the other areas of the brain against trauma.  And, not surprising, this is the same area in his brain where he sustained the most injury.  They have labeled the condition Hydrocephalus. There is a lot of information on this site about Jason's condition.
If the fluid is allowed to increase, it could actually put pressure on his brain and potentially cause damage.  That isn't anything the family would want for him.
Tomorrow, Tuesday October 30th, Jason will undergo a surgery to install a shunt inside his brain that will help regulate the production of CSF in his ventricles.  There are tons of concerns about him having this surgery.  One of the major ones is the risk of infection and the week condition of his body.  He still hasn't regained all of his strength from the surgery earlier this month for the removal of his colon.  Then the UTI and that caused another stay in the ICU. 
If he could, I know Jason would want to thank everyone individually with a handshake or a hug for all of the prayers and support that have been extended to him and his family.  On his behalf, I send my continued thanks and prayers in return.  Please pray for compassion and kindness, for healing and strength, for courage, for a successful surgery that helps Jason gain ground towards his complete healing in Christ and for the Peace of the Lord to infiltrate every area of this situation.  So many people are in need of the Love of the Father.  
Tomorrow is also my mom, Jacquie (Rife) Wilson's birthday.  I know it will be a very trying day for her.  She is the only support for Jason there, on the ground, and holidays and birthdays are always meant to be celebrated together.
And lastly, Wednesday there is another court hearing concerning my brother and family.  I don't know exactly what to say here, other than I hope they all get it worked out and put it behind them so we can all get on and focus our attention on Jason and his healing.
Thank you everyone,
Lisa Cox


by Lisa Cox on 10/28/13

This website, "Run The Course: the Recovery of Jason Wichman," was started just over 8 months ago now.  Under the duress of the situation, the direction of the site wasn't very clear.  I just knew how important it was to have information available.  Jason's family alone is over 500 strong!  That's a lot of people to try to keep in the loop.  Not to mention his friends and co-workers.
Now then, I feel like I have finally arrived at the goal.  As Jason's sister, I believe it is my part to share his story.  His whole story.  There are so many people and families that have found themselves dealing with the shock and trauma of an accident.  Hopefully, his story will help encourage others to continue to heal and move forward, day by day, minute by minute, regardless of their personal situation and struggles.
Here's all my best to all of you, and to a fresh breath and direction for the site.

Moving Day July 23, 2013

by Lisa Cox on 07/23/13

From the bottom of my heart, I don't have the words to express how appreciative I am of everyone and the support and prayers you have shared with my family and my brother over the past 5 months since the accident in Alaska.  Thank you so, so much!
     Jason is going to be moving today.  This will be the fourth facility he has been in.  We knew that his time at Craig Hospital would be short, mostly focused on preparation for life outside of a hospital setting. 
     Today, he is going to a facility called Care Meridian in Denver.  I am not sure of how long he is to be there.  Please pray for peace and comfort and favor for Jason and my mom, Jacquie, as they move and get acquainted with their new surroundings.  Also, pray for provision for my mom so she can continue to stay with Jason and take care of him.
     As far as his progress in healing goes, Jason has continued moving forward.  Praise God!!  The other day he had to cough and was having a hard time with it.  He then clearly called out, "Mom!  Mom!" in order to get help.  She was able to sit him up and help him through this cough.  What a testament!  He knew she was there and able to help him when he needed. Also, its a great measure to the amount of healing that has gone on!!
     Everyday is something new.  The process may be long, but the journey is worth it.  To witness the miracles in healing, the love and kindness of others, the encouragement from people we have never even met...  I just thank the Lord Jesus for His never ending grace and mercy in our lives.  Today is a good day to stop and count the blessings He has given to us all.

The Next Step Prayer Request

by Lisa Cox on 07/13/13

Please keep Jason in your prayers especially during this coming week July 15th - 21st.  He has come to the end of his appointed time at the Craig Hospital.  The time at Craig has been amazing and so supportive and helpful.  They have really gone above and beyond to help our family for the next stages of recovery with Jason. 
There are several locations that have been researched that would provide adequate support and have met all of the known criteria for Jason and meeting his current needs.  Now then, the family just needs the wisdom to chose the right facility for this time for Jason.  These decisions are not taken lightly. 
Please be in prayer for all of us.  Pray that the best decision for Jason is made for this time.  Pray for peace and comfort and unity for the family.
Thank you everyone for all of your continued support.  

As for Jason's family and friends, we pray for and expect full recovery. Jason is a hard worker and the head of his household, and its only source of income. During this time of recovery, he will be unable to support his family.  Monthly bills and hospital bills are mounting daily. The doctors say that every patient is different, especially concerning the time it takes them to heal. Please consider donating to the Jason Wichman Recovery Fund to help him and his family during this difficult time.  
Jason had a severe blow to the brain, All his other injuries are very fixable. The Doctors, at first, were not giving him much chance of making it through 48 hours, but Jason is still here and fighting. The damage to the brain is in the center of the brain, so any attempt to operate would do way more damage than good. Right now they are saying there is nothing they can do, but watch and pray. The doctors are somewhat pessimistic, but admit that they have seen people recover from severe brain injury. So for now we are taking each day of life as a day with Hope in Jesus Christ

According to Alaska State Troopers, Robert Stone, 44, and Jason Wichman, 31, were in a chase plane that went down in Rainy Pass on Sunday afternoon (February 17, 2013). Stone is an Anchorage attorney, and Wichman had plans to race this year but withdrew because of an injury last week.

​Kalei Rupp, spokeswoman with the Alaska Air National Guard, said the plane crashed shortly after 3 p.m. about a mile from the Rainy Pass Lodge.  The owner of the lodge, Steve Perrins, said the single-engine plane had taken off from the airport during windy conditions...."read entire article.
"Anchorage, AK — A well-known Anchorage attorney, as well as a racer who withdrew from the 2013 Iron Dog snowmachine race, were seriously injured Sunday after a support plane following the race crashed.

Jason Wichman was born and raised in Montana.  He moved to Anchorage, Alaska when he was sixteen and has since enjoyed the great adventure lifestyle that is indicative of the Alaskan Life. He is a true outdoors man who takes joy in participating in activities such as hunting, fishing, snow machine racing and golf. 

Jason Wichman 
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